Season 4

Saying No

Budgets and Cents Podcast - Saying No

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Saying “no” is often easier said than done. How do you feel about saying the word “no”? For many of us, this little word carries a lot of fear and power.

In today’s episode, we discuss some of the things we’ve said no to over the years and what those decisions have done for us. We also talk about how difficult it can be to say no, especially if you’re a people pleaser.

The biggest takeaway from our conversation is to remember that saying “no” is not the same as quitting–it’s taking back your power so you can hear your inner voice again and let that guide you. By saying no, you’re establishing boundaries that respect your personal needs.

Author Danielle LaPorte says it best in her new book: “You have to protect your heart so you can keep it wide open.”

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