Season 4

Giving Yourself Permission

Budgets and Cents Podcast - Giving Yourself Permission

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Have you ever announced a goal or shared a decision with someone and then changed your mind? You probably experience feelings of guilt or have fears related to what people might think of you. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is okay!

It’s okay to go back on decisions you’ve made or to change your mind about something you thought you wanted. You can (and should) do things your way! Giving yourself permission to do so is part of evolving and growing as a person.

In this episode, we also explain how to overcome your fears so you can give yourself permission to do what you want. Lean into your comfort zone and play to those strengths.

It all starts with reflecting and adding boundaries to your life. Then work in a simple gratitude practice or regular journaling. Once you’ve determined exactly what you want, and can hold onto your beliefs, you’ll never apologize for changing your mind again.

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