Season 4

Knowing Your Why

Budgets and Cents Podcast - Knowing Your Why

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Knowing your “why” is such an important topic, so we wanted to talk about this before we wrap up this season. Knowing your why can help you make clear decisions regarding all areas of your life. It gives you the motivation to strive for your goals and dreams, bust through your fears and figure out what your boundaries are.

But figuring out your why isn’t always simple or easy. And if you don’t have a why, it can cause you to make a lot of bad decisions or put money towards things you don’t really value.

In this episode, we share some exercises and questions that can help figure out your why. As you answer these questions, remember: you’re never going to arrive at the finish line. Your why will change numerous times as you age and mature.

Fun Fact: today’s conversation marks our 50th episode and is the finale of season four. The end of a season is always bittersweet, but we’re leaving on a high note. Throughout this season, we celebrated some amazing milestones, including hitting 325,000+ downloads of the podcast. Thank you so much for listening and being part of this community!

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