Season 3

Being Open to Change with Jessica Moorhouse


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Welcome back to another season of Budgets and Cents, a podcast co-hosted by Cait Flanders (formerly Blonde on a Budget) and Carrie Smith (Careful Cents). If this is your first time listening, welcome to the show! You can visit our episode guide to catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed.

This week is an extra special episode of Budgets and Cents because we’re hosting our first guest! Jessica Moorhouse is a millennial money expert, speaker, award-winning personal finance blogger and host of the popular Mo’ Money Podcast. She’s also been a great friend to both of us for many years, and was the one and only person we knew we wanted to interview this season. 🙂

In January of this year, Jessica quit her day job to become a full-time blogger and podcaster, which is actually something she had told us she would never do. So, why did she change her mind, and how did she decide to make that career change? That’s what we’re talking about today: being open to change.

Jessica starts by giving us a real look at how the first few months of self-employment have been and what her plans are for this year (including: producing future Millennial Money Meetup events, offering money coaching services to clients, and launching her first e-course about financial and physical fitness!). But we also discuss the various fears that come with being open and how to find the confidence to try new ventures.

We’re so grateful Jessica was willing to share part of her story with all of us. There are a lot of great tidbits of insight and advice in this episode, so you won’t want to miss this one!

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