Season 3

Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself - Budgets and Cents Podcast

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Welcome back to another season of Budgets and Cents, a podcast co-hosted by Cait Flanders (formerly Blonde on a Budget) and Carrie Smith (Careful Cents). If this is your first time listening, welcome to the show! You can visit our episode guide to catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed.

Season three is coming to an end, but before we say goodbye, we wanted to have a conversation about a topic that’s very important to us: investing in yourself. Like with all of our episodes, we share our personal experiences with this, including which areas of our lives we’re investing in right now.

For Cait, this means talking to a counselor, and dedicating time to her yoga and meditation practices. Carrie has started working with a naturopathic doctor, and is paying more attention to what she’s putting on and in her body. And don’t forget about investing time/money/energy into having fun! This is an important part of wholehearted living.

We also share how we’ve invested in our finances, and the one main thing we’re doing to invest in our business and careers.  Remember to wait and feel the need before spending money. When it comes to investing in yourself, there are many ways to get what you need without actually spending money. This week, start with just one area that you want to invest in and set aside 30 minutes to take action.

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