Season 1

Welcome to Budgets and Cents!

Budgets and Cents Podcast - Welcome to Season 1!

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Welcome to the very first episode of Budgets and Cents, a podcast co-hosted by Cait Flanders (Blonde on a Budget) and Carrie Smith (Careful Cents). In the past few years, we’ve paid off nearly $45,000 of debt, gotten rid of most of our belongings and quit our jobs to work for ourselves–all of which we’ve written about on our blogs.

We believe that if you change your money, you can change your life. By sharing our stories on this podcast, we hope to inspire you to do the same.

The first season of Budgets and Cents will consist of 12 episodes. In this episode, we share a little background about our journey to becoming friends, why we started this podcast, and some of the topics we’ll be discussing on the show.

We also talk about how we both went from being maxed out with debt, to paying it all off and becoming our own bosses.

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