Season 4

Buying Happiness

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Do you ever make a purchase, feel happy for a brief moment and then wonder what the heck you did that for? That’s exactly where we are at in life right now: in the mood to shop and feeling like anyone could convince us to buy anything!

Instead of giving into these impulse purchases, we’re taking a step back in this episode and asking ourselves why we’re in this “season of wanting to buy stuff”.

We start by defining what buying happiness means to us and how it’s differed over the past few years. Then, we talk about how we can support local businesses without needlessly spending or cluttering our homes.

We also share the last five purchases we made and whether or not they bring happiness and value to our lives. It’s not bad to want to buy things or spend money, but the idea is to take a pause before swiping. There needs to be a balance between items that you may not need but you’ll actually use and which will bring you happiness.

The final takeaway is that you don’t always have to spend money to “buy” your happiness. Be on the lookout for alternative wealth resources that allow you to obtain what you want or need, without exchanging money for it.

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