Season 3

Ask Us Anything!

Ask Us Anything! - Budgets and Cents Podcast

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We’re sorry to say this is our final episode of the season–but what an incredible season it has been! We have loved each and every one of the conversations we shared with you, and are so grateful for all of your support these past few months.

To finish things off, we are switching things up and answering your questions! Some of the topics we discuss in this episode include:

  • Travel hacking and credit card bonuses
  • The expert financial advice we disagree most with
  • What we would do if someone gave us $100,000
  • How we balance client work and our business work (for real!)
  • How we make money RIGHT NOW and how that’s changed from this episode
  • Our real life routine and how we fit in self-care practices
  • The books we’re reading and podcasts we’re listening to

While this is the last episode of this season, don’t worry – we’ll be back with Season 4 in June 2017! Thanks again, friends!

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