About Cait & Carrie


Honest Money Conversations is a podcast for people who want to change their relationship with money and hear stories from others who have done the same. We’re not experts. We’re just two friends who like to talk about life and work and the role money plays in it all.

Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders is a writer and the author of the book The Year of Less. She started her blog, CaitFlanders.com, to document her debt repayment journey. It took two years, but she made her final payment in 2013 and has been debt-free ever since.

She has since gone on to write about a number of experiments she’s completed, including decluttering 75% of her belongings + doing a two-year shopping ban (the first year of which is the timeline for her book).

Cait now considers herself a former binge consumer turned mindful consumer of everything. Through personal stories, she hopes to inspire others to consume less and live more intentionally. And when she’s not writing, she’s spending time outdoors.

You can connect with Cait on Instagram @caitflanders.

Carrie S. Nicholson

Carrie New headshot-2018 - smallCarrie Smith Nicholson is a business consultant and systems strategist. Born and raised in East Texas, she worked as a small business accountant for over a decade. After going through a tough divorce at the age of 25, she decided to get her life together and became completely debt-free.

During this time she started her blog, CarefulCents.com, and two years later quit her job to be her own boss. Now she helps entrepreneurs and freelancers scale without stress so they can have a more abundant life! 

She now lives in Colorado with her new husband. When she’s not writing about productivity and geeking out over numbers, she enjoys hiking and eating new foods with her chef husband.

You can connect with Carrie on Twitter @carefulcents or Instagram @carefulcents.